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Dixie Products Helps With Cleaning Up The Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Were you affected by the recent BP oil spill and live in or around the gulf coast area, including these states?

  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Florida

Dixie Products, Inc is here to help. Even though we've overcome some of the most menacing challenges since the summer of 2010, needs still lie ahead for the those in the gulf coast region and we will continue to do our part assisting in the cleanup of the local communities and the environment.

Cleaning is our business - at Dixie Products, our knowledge, experience, and resources offer us a unique opportunity to assist the Gulf Coast communities with exceptional skill and compassion

We have put together a short list of cleaning equipment and a detergent (exceptionally well suited for marine environments) that will meet the cleanup needs of local gulf coast businesses and communities.

These items are well suited for the cleanup job that lies ahead and are ready to ship when you need it - quickly. As a part of supporting the many local communities, businesses, and environments; Dixie Products is offering an additional discount on top of our already low prices for these particular products.

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To show we're committed to this goal and are with you for the duration, we're going to keep this promotion running well into 2013 (if not longer!) So get started today, and know this great deal will be still be here when it's time for a refill.

If you have any questions or would like additional recommendations based on your individual situation,
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Recommended Pressure Washer - Hot Water

Pressure Pro 6012



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Recommended Pressure Washer - Cold Water




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Recommended Degreaser


5 GAL- $47.45

55 GAL - $182.87

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Model Number 6012-10G E4040HG APX-209 5 Gal
APX-209 55 Gal

DPI's hot water pressure washer will reduce your cleaning time when cleaning oil and grease buildup. This unit is especially efficient on boats, docks, siding, boat ramps, side walks, drive ways and heavy equipment.

We recommend this unit for larger cleanup jobs or jobs that will require extended periods of use. Hot water pressure washers will reduce your cleaning time on oil and grease buildup by cutting through the grease and oil at a faster rate.

DPI's cold water pressure washer is more versatile for jobs that may require remote cleanup or frequent transport from area to area.

We recommend this cold water pressure washer due to it's high pressure and flow rating. Again, this unit is a great selection for cleaning boats, docks, siding, boat ramps, side walks, drive ways and heavy equipment at a fraction of the hot water pressure washing price.

APX-209 is our all purpose miracle cleaner and degreaser. This cleaner is specifically made for removing oil and greasy residue for marine environments. APX-209 is environmentally friendly and biodegradable - it is safe to use on all surfaces and will not harm marine environments.

APX-209 will make short work of your oily cleanup job. 5 Gal and 55 Gal containers available and ready to ship!

Drive Type Belt Direct
Max PSI 4000 4000
Max GPM 5.5 4.0
Engine HP 20 13.0
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