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Environmentally Friendly Products from Dixie Products Inc

Can a company sell products made from water and still be environmentally friendly?

At Dixie Products Inc, we believe the answer is yes! How is this possible? Read on to find out what we are doing to keep our environment clean; how we ensure dangerous chemicals and solvents never find their way into our streams and rivers; and our chemical recycling program.

This is our planet too, and that's exactly why we believe in using our natural resources responsibly. When managed properly, our forests and other natural resources will be available for our children, grandchildren, and many more generations to come while providing you with quality products today.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

"Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapor pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporize and enter the atmosphere...VOCs are sometimes accidentally released into the environment, where they can damage soil and groundwater. Vapors of VOCs escaping into the air contribute to air pollution." (Wikipedia)

A primary source of VOCs are introduced in the manufacturing process and introductory stages of production blending. Many "competitors" emit a high level of VOCs during the manufacturing process. This is because of the ventilation system and raw materials used to produce the finished product. Our chemical manufacturing process involves two steps that greatly reduce the introduction of VOCs into our atmosphere. The primary step taken to reduce VOCs is in the purchasing stage of our raw materials. All of the raw materials that Dixie Products Inc purchases passes through a series of quality checks and inspections at the point of origin warehouse and at our storage facility. The second step involves our ventilation system during the chemical manufacturing process. Our system was custom-designed to recycle the air that is passed through to reduce expose to the surrounding area. Dixie Products Inc continues to strive at “Keeping Our Image Clean” by helping the environment in any way we can.

Chemical Disposal and Transportation

A byproduct of any process using industrial solvents and chemicals always has the possibility of hazardous spills and accidents. Every process that we perform has been thoroughly tested to ensure that we never accidentally release any cleaners, solvents, or other dangerous chemicals into our environment that could find their way into our streams, lakes, and rivers. We make sure that any hazardous chemicals in need of disposal after production is contracted to companies that comply with any applicable local, state, and environmental laws. Dixie Products Inc has every product that is manufactured registered and on file with ChemTrec if an accidental spill should occur. CHEMTREC® is the world’s foremost emergency call center for information on hazardous materials.

We also take part in training and inspection by the Department of Transportation so that our roadways remain safe while we travel down the road next to you. You can rest assured that products and equipment from Dixie Products Inc are handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Chemical Recycling Program

Dixie Products Inc created an internal chemical recycling program over 20 years ago to keep chemicals from entering our water drainage system. All of the finished product that is delivered, but not pumped out, is returned to our Kennesaw, Georgia warehouse and blended into a new batch, thereby eliminating any runoff or waste associated with our finished product. All of our chemical storage containers are recycled locally to reduce landfill contribution. Dixie Products, Inc is unlike any other chemical supplier you will find. We take pride in our environment, customers and employees!